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2 Samuel 22
2 Samuel 23
2 Samuel 24
John 1:19-51

John 1: 19 Now this was John’s testimony when the Jewish leaders] in Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him who he was. 20 He did not fail to confess, but confessed freely, “I am not the Messiah.”

21 They asked him, “Then who are you? Are you Elijah?” He said, “I am not.” “Are you the Prophet?” He answered, “No.” 22 Finally they said, “Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?” 23 John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’

 In John the Baptist I think we see an attitude of humility and of dedication to the Lord’s mission.  For John could have taken the adulation that came from being recognized as the Christ or Elijah or the Prophet (like Moses.)   And we see that he refused the praise, focused on his mission, and continued proclaiming the coming of the Messiah. 

My thought – while it is certainly acceptable to receive praise for the service we provide to the Lord, let us never forget that our true mission is not recognition – it is proclaiming the Gospel of Good News — the Messiah has come and He is coming again!



Ruth 1
Ruth 2
Ruth 3
Ruth 4
Luke 11:33-54

In our reading we have just finished reading about the violence and unfaithfulness that existed in Israel during the time of the Judges.  In fact, the book ends with the words of Judges 21:25 “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.”   It was a time of self-centered, sinful indulgence.

And now we come to the short book of Ruth.  As we discussed during our Thursday night “walk through the Old Testament” it is as if the Holy Spirit decided that it was time for a “break” and guided the writing of Ruth, a love story worthy of the “Hallmark Channel.”  And in the very first chapter we see an example of the attitude we should have towards one another as brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Read these words and reflect on your relationship within the Body:

Ruth 1: 15 “Look,” said Naomi, “your sister-in-law is going back to her people and her gods. Go back with her.” 16 But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God17 Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.”