Saturday, January 2 nd :

Prayer focus topic—Mission works/ Missionaries
Prayer points—Pray for our brothers and sisters in Jamaica, Montpelier, and Quechee. Ask God
to guide and bless the leaders and ministers in those congregations for the encouragement of
those congregations, the spread of the gospel, and the building up of the kingdom. Pray that we
will be able to continue to support those works and that those funds will be used for the glory of
God. There are also several mission works and missionaries that we do not support financially
but we do need to support in prayer. Pray for Scott Shanahan’s work in Italy, a new Church plant
in Pittsfield, MA, and the Church in Cameroon. Let’s also pray in general for all of the
missionaries (and their families) who are serving in domestic and foreign fields for the sake of
the global mission of God. Pray for their work and for their continual boldness.