01/06/20: Genesis 16-18; Matthew 5:27-48

As you read through the verses from Matthew today did one phrase stand out?   One did to me — “you have heard that it was said” or “it has been said.” To me this expressions refers to the “traditional” teaching of that time.  Kinda like in the 1400-1500’s when scientist would state that “the world is flat.”   Interestingly, it took a bit of scientific evidence and experiments to show that the world is indeed, not flat.

And did you see how Jesus addressed the erroneous traditional teachings of His time?  He spoke as the authority and the creator — “But I tell you …”  Throughout our readings in His inspired word we will see the authority of the Lord overcome the misconceptions of mankind.  This is, yet, another reason we need to not be a “lazy” Believer but to stay in His Word.

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