Leviticus 13
Leviticus 14
Leviticus 15
Matt 27:1-31

As you read the chapters in Leviticus did you wonder why the Lord went to such detail?  Coffman and other commentators explain that it is the Lord’s instruction on how to protect his chosen people from the then uncurable earthly disease, leprosy.  Coffman writes:

The Holy Scriptures were never provided in order to give men scientific information, and the thing that is in view here is the divine instruction to protect the spread of disease, especially that of leprosy. It is not the cure of this malady which is given here, but the rules for the isolation and quarantine of those having it. That such instructions are Divine should not be for a moment questioned. The fact that those ancient priests charged with the task of observing human maladies and deciding which was leprosy and which was not were probably subject to human error in their decisions should not obscure the truth that the method they followed was the best known and the most efficient that that age provided.

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