Deuteronomy 10
Deuteronomy 11
Deuteronomy 12
Mark 12:1-27

In your lifetime (even if you are much younger than I am) you have probably seen some denominational churches change their positions on precepts such as the ordination of women preachers and elders; acceptance of gay and lesbian leaders, and the removal of the use of gender names (e.g., He, Father, etc.)  in their versions of the Bible and hymnals. Most of these changes were done to “conform the to acceptance of today’s societal morals.”  

As I read deeper into the words the Lord gave Moses to communicate to the Israelites I marvel at the foreshadowing of these events we saw thousands of years ago. For the Lord instructed Moses to write:

Deuteronomy 12: You are not to do as we do here today, everyone doing as they see fit …”

A caution for us – even when the Word of God may not appear to meet “societal morals” it is not within our authority to make changes.  The Word of the Lord is His, not ours and the Word does not change.  Read and strive to remain faithful. 

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