03/06/19 – Mark 12:38-13:13; Psalm 49:1-20; Proverbs 10:26

“Secular Humanism”Secular humanism holds that nature (the world of everyday physical experience) is all there is, and that reliable knowledge is best obtained when we query nature using the scientific method. Naturalism asserts that supernatural entities like God do not exist, and warns us that knowledge gained without appeal to the natural world and without impartial review by multiple observers is unreliable.

You have perhaps heard the expression “secular humanism” and the above definition highlights two of the concepts — (1) we (mankind) can discover all the knowledge that we need through our own studies   (2) God does not exist – we can do it all by ourselves.  In fact the motto of the American Humanist Association is “Good without God.”  Unfortunately secular humanism has crept into all parts of our society — literature, politics, education, etc.

But secular humanism is not new, nor is the result.  In today’s reading the Psalmist wrote:

Psalm 49: 13 This is the fate of those who trust in themselves, and their followers, who approve their sayings.
14 They are like sheep and are destined to die; death will be their shepherd (but the upright will prevail over them in the morning).
Their forms will decay in the grave, far from their princely mansions.
15 But God will redeem me from the realm of the dead; he will surely take me to himself.

No matter the swirling and ever-changing tide of philosophies and false teaching we can thank God for this eternal assurance for the faithful!!

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  • missliz

    It is so dangerous to put your trust in anything earthly. Everything is disposable. The same with earthy wisdom without understanding. The pride of life calls to all but the Word of the Lord is the standard.

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