03/07/2018 — Numbers Chapters 28-30

If you are like me you may be thinking — there is certainly a lot of repetition in Numbers.  We read about all of the feast, festivals, etc. and how they are to be performed (Lev. chapters 1-7); the different festivals (Lev. chapter 23,) etc.  So why are they summarized here?  A commentator from “bible-studys.org” answers this well:

It was now thirty-eight years ago since these laws were first made. And during that time were much in disuse. At least some of them. And besides, this was a new generation of men that were sprung up. Those that were at Mount Sinai at the giving of the law being all dead, except a very few. And now Moses also was about to die. And would be no more with them to remind them of these laws. And see that they were observed. And a successor of him being appointed and constituted, it may be likewise on his account, as well as the people’s, that these laws were repeated.

The Lord continues to provide the Israelites the details of His Plan.

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  • missliz

    Rereading the last ten chapters I am struck by the fact the all the power of God can not or will not prevent us from sinning if we make the choice to do so. Surrounding our selves with the corruption of the world sucks us into the mire as the Moabites led the Israelites into adultery and the worship of idols.

    I’m also reminded that living a life of discontent is dangerous. I know God hears our needs and sadness but there is a line we can cross that implies we do not trust God for his provision.

    The story of Balaam reminds me of how God used and continues to use people outside of his own community for his own purposes.

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