05/13/2018 — 2 Samuel Chapters 11-12 & 1 Chronicles 20

So, now do you see why our reading from Friday was so important?  David sent Joab  and all the king’s men to fight the Ammonites and to besiege  Rabbah.  But as recorded in 2 Samuel 11:1  “David remained in Jerusalem.

And from reading the rest of Chapters 11 and 12 we know the results of this decision — his adultery with Bathsheba and his murder of a loyal soldier, Uriah, which occurred at the aforementioned siege of Rabbah.

Volumes have been written (and rightly so) about the impact of Davids relationship with Bathsheba.   But did you notice a major difference between the passages in 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles?  Of course it is the reality that 1 Chronicles does not even mention the entire episode.  So, I had to ask myself why? (was Chronicles written by a friend of Davids or was the author deliberately “whitewashing” David’s reputation as we see often happen in writings on secular history?)

I believe that several commentators explained the difference well — and it relates to the purpose of the books.  Samuel and Kings both provide the in-depth history of the nation of Israel, including the faults and many calls to repentance of the people.

In contrast the purpose of the book of Chronicles is different.  Chronicles was written after the nation returned from Babylonian captivity.  The purpose is to highlight not the full history of the nation but the lineage of the nation and the full pathway to the restoration of all mankind through the line of David.


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  • missliz

    David is not a perfect man and yet their are traits of David that endear him to God. A warning to us all… when we are bored with life, get busy about the work of the Lord. We can not live in a vacuum.

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