05/15/2018 — 2 Samuel Chapters 13-15

In sports there is often one play that will change the entire outcome of the game.   Often the play is a mistake (or error) by the losing team.  In 2 Samuel Chapters 11 and 12 we see Davis make a heinous mistake in his adultery with Bathsheba.  And we see David’s life totally change after this sin.  The tragic stories in 2 Samuel Chapters 12 and 13 are but the beginning of David’s downfall.

We are probably all familiar with the overall episode of Amnon’s rape of his half-sister, Tamar, and her brother’s, Absalom revenge.  But to understand the genealogical seriousness of Amnon’s sin we need to remember that at this point Amnon was the eldest of David’s sons and the heir to the throne of David!

So, David not only lost his oldest son but with Absalom’s fleeing to Geshur one of his favorite sons as well.

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  • missliz

    All of these sad events are not because of David’s original sin with Bathsheba but at least in part due to David’s refusal to hold his children accountable for their actions. In the end, each of his children were responsible for their own their own actions.

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