06/11/2018 — 1 Kings 5-6; & 2 Chronicles 2-3

OK — so now that we have completed several of the writings of Solomon (Song of Solomon and Proverbs) we now return to the history of Solomon and God’s chosen nation.

And what an impressive way to start — Solomon’s construction of the temple.  David had set aside the materials and for the construction Solomon used:  70,000 men as “carriers;” 80,00o men as stone cutters in “the hills” and 3,600 foreman.  That is a total of 158,600 known workers on this God-dedicated project.

I once worked on a project with 11,000 workers and even with today’s communication and advanced technical tools the complexity was immense & often delayed.  So, from a “real world” construction management perspective the building of the House of the Lord was certainly a God inspired project.

Another marvel also caught my eye:  1 Kings: In building the temple, only blocks dressed at the quarry were used, and no hammer, chisel or any other iron tool was heard at the temple site while it was being built.

Can you envision the precision that must have been exercised at the quarry that the cut blocks did not even require “adjusting” at the job site?


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  • missliz

    The imagery of the building of the temple is almost beyond what I can conjure up but I remember that it did require the enslaving of over 70,000 people as God had warned the people earlier. Was this building to impress God or man, I wonder, as if God could be contained in any dwelling. I was impressed by the foreigner who was so blessed and artistically talented by God to be able to work in so many different mediums to create such beauty. I think about this when I visit ancient Catholic cathedrals and admire the beauty within and without. I think I understand that the grand building captures the devotion of people when judgements are made with the eye. Mankind is impressed but is God?

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