07/11/2018 — Amos Chapters 1-5

As with Isaiah it is important to recognize a few background notes in Amos’s prophecy.  First as stated in Chapter 1:1 Amos was directing his prophecy towards the Northern Kingdom of Israel most likely during the reign of king Jeroboam II (793 – 753 BC.)  Amos was a contemporary of Hosea who was also prophesying to Israel.  Amos prophecies included other nations, as well.

Amos is certainly predicting the fall of the Northern Kingdom due to their continued unfaithfulness.  There were a few additional concepts I denoted.

(1) First, as expressed in Amos 3:7 the Israelites should not be surprised by the Lord’s coming judgement: Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan  to his servants the prophets.

(2) The Lord will retain a “remnant” of the faithful of Israel:

Amos 3:12  This is what the Lord says: “As a shepherd rescues from the lion’s mouth
only two leg bones or a piece of an ear, so will the Israelites living in Samaria be rescued, with only the head of a bed and a piece of fabric from a couch.

(3)  Even with the rebellion that was occurring the Lord’s grace remained and Israel could have returned to His will:

Amos 5:4-6: This is what the Lord says to Israel Seek me and live; 5 do not seek Bethel, do not go to Gilgal, do not journey to Beersheba. For Gilgal will surely go into exile, and Bethel will be reduced to nothing.[a]6 Seek the Lord and live, or he will sweep through the tribes of Joseph like a fire; it will devour them, and Bethel will have no one to quench it.




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