08/04/2018 — Nahum

It seems that many of the books of prophecy have several themes.  Nahum, however, is a single themed book — the fall of Nineveh and the nation of Assyria.   I have also heard that “Nahum” is the book that Jonah really wanted to write!

Nineveh was the capital of Assyria, so Nahum’s prophecy not only is directed to the city but also to the nation.  Most commentators feel that Nahum was written between 660-6 650.  The city fell shortly afterwards in 612 BC.

So, what is the significance of the book for the nation of Judah?  Chuck Swindoll writes:

After allowing approximately two hundred years of powerful Assyrian kings and rulers, God announced through Nahum His plans to judge the city of Nineveh. Most significant, the people of Judah would have immediately taken hope in the idea that Nineveh, their primary oppressor for generations, would soon come under judgment from God. Also, a small but faithful remnant in an increasingly idolatrous Judah would have been comforted by declarations of God’s slowness to anger (Nahum 1:3,) His goodness and strength (1:7), and His restorative power (2:2).


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  • missliz

    We, as a nation ,should also be grateful that God is slow to anger. Nations exist only with God’s permission and we are a part of his continuing story.

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