08/10/2018 — Jeremiah Chapters 10-13

Jeremiah is often called the “weeping prophet.”  And as we will see — the sorrow is not so much for the difficulties and persecutions he will encounter but for the absolute sorrow he feels for his rebellious Nation.   Jeremiah 13:16-17 speak directly to this reality:

16 Give glory to the Lord your God
    before he brings the darkness,
before your feet stumble
    on the darkening hills.
You hope for light,
    but he will turn it to utter darkness
    and change it to deep gloom.
17 If you do not listen,
    I will weep in secret
    because of your pride;
my eyes will weep bitterly,
    overflowing with tears,
    because the Lord’s flock will be taken captive.


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