1/19/2018 Genesis Chapters 22-24

What a full range of emotions these chapters deliver.  Abraham’s devastation and then elation at the planned sacrifice of and subsequent salvation of Isaac; Abraham’s sorrow at the death of Sarah (Chapter 23:2😉 the love of Isaac for Rebekah & the comfort Rebekah brings Isaac after the death of Sarah (Chapter 24:67).

And among all of these human emotions throughout these chapters we see God’s plan for the nation of Israel unfold.  My application for us — we will also have emotions associated with events in our lives.  Emotions are certainly an appropriate response for the different occasions we face.

But we must also recognize that while our emotions will change — the Lord’s plan  continues to work steadily and unwaveringly  through these events.




  • Artie Shaffer

    Over and over again it is the faith of Abraham that is the model of faith that we need to develop in our lives. What God called for Abraham to do made no sense but he placed all his trust God and moved forward in faithful obedience! That kind of faith took time to develop in Abraham and it takes time to develop in our own lives, but that is the goal we continue to move towards as we mature in Christ.

  • missliz

    I am reminded that while we may not understand the workings of God, he does provide the way. Because of that, we can live confidently trusting in the one who loves us.

    In these chapters, I also note the number of alters Abraham built along the way,reminding me of the importance of stopping in life and remembering to worship the one who does provide.

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