1/21/2018 Genesis Chapters 27-29

I think we are all familiar with “Jacob’s Ladder” from the old Negro spiritual we often sang as children.   But do we reflect on when Jacob’s ladder appeared?

Reading back in Chapter 27:42-43 we see that Jacob was on his journey not to “sight-see” but to escape from the murderous plot of his brother, Esau.  As we will continue to see in many of our readings, the Lord is present at all times but it is at times of stress and trial that even the Patriarchs see the need to reach out to Him.



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  • missliz

    The Lord is present for sure but I’m not sure the characters in chapters 27 – 29 recognize him or pay much attention to him. What a sordid, messy story is told. At one point, Jacob seems to bargain with God out loud. If God does this, this and this, then he will be my God and I’ll give him 10%.

    It does not appear to me that Abraham’s faith transferred well to Issac. One commentary suggested that it would be best to encourage our children to develop their own faith, guiding them, of course, rather than trying to transfer our faith to them.

    The high point of these passages for me is that God works his perfect will through imperfect people. Thank you for grace and mercy.

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