1/25/2018 Genesis Chapters 38-40

So, in the midst of the history of Joseph we have a bit of an “interlude,” the  life of Judah in Canaan.  But this interlude provides an additional insight into the immorality present during this time & another example of the faithfulness of the Lord to His people.

After Joseph is sold into slavery we see Judah leave his other brothers and father and move to Adullam, a town in Canaan.  So, not only has Jacob now “lost” Joseph he has lost Judah.  Chapter 38 provides the summary of Judah’s life in Adullam.  A life that has more twists and turns than an episode of the old soap opera “Dallas,” complete with sudden deaths, treachery, sexual immorality and the birth of several sons.  The final two mentioned are twins whose births are the results of the deception of Judah’s own daughter-in-law and Judah’s immorality.  The twins are Zerah and Perez.

Again, the names sometimes appear to be just a small detail.  But one commentator highlighted “Perez” and then referenced Matthew 1:3 and Luke 3:33.


Take a look at these passages and the continued lineage.  You will see that out of all of this corruption God’s promise is continuing to be fulfilled.  He is going to accomplish what He has promised us often in spite of us.


  • Artie Shaffer

    I think Joseph set an excellent example how to deal with life and understanding faith! At this point in Joseph’s life life seemed very unfair. Yet, Joseph did not become angry and bitter with God, nor did he give up, he remained faithful to God and made the best of the situation. He seemed very aware that God was with him and that God was using what was happening to him for a greater purpose. Wow, three important principles, stay in the moment, remain faithful, trust that God is always working!

  • missliz

    I think it is interesting that Joseph grew up in a pretty sordid environment and yet as a young man he showed himself to be totally trustworthy and extremely capable. Somewhere along the line, Joseph recognized that he was being used to advance God’s purposes. He lived his life recognizing that God was always with him even in the worst of circumstances and he looked at every situation to see the good and offer his help where he could. How different our lives might be viewed if we always had the same vision.

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