1/30/2018 Exodus Chapters 1-3

Obviously as we begin our reading of Exodus (definition: a going or marching out) we need to remember that the second book of the Torah is the continuation of the first book, Genesis.

And we need to consider the time frame.  The events of Exodus occurred 430 years after the end of Genesis.  If we put this time frame in perspective for our history:       the Israelites would have been in Egypt since roughly 1588 (or about 32 years before the Pilgrims arrived in America …)

Just think of all the changes the Israelites had seen and undergone in Egypt during that 430 year time period …  I believe this is one of the greatest challenges Moses faced — the Nation had lost their focus.


  • Artie Shaffer

    When Moses encountered the angel in the burning, Moses wanted to know God’s name. The angel declared that God’s name was “‏I am who I am” – which carries more in meaning than the literal translation. The phrase describes God’s uniqueness among all gods, or any other being. ‘He is the one who IS!’ A better translated would be more like “I am, will be.” So when Moses asked God what he should tell Israel is his name, God in effect replied, “Tell them I am who I am,” or “I am the one who exists.” For our God is the origin of ALL things and is the ONLY God!

  • missliz

    Considering that God is the One Who Is, I think about God’s command for Moses to remove is shoes because he stood on Holy ground. What does this say to us when God’s Spirit lives in us and our command to live Holy lives because He is Holy?

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