1 Thessalonians 3

Did you hear what Paul told the Thessalonians? He told them that trials were destined for them, that they should not be surprised when they come either to Paul or them! Paul sent Timothy to them to encourage them, so that they would not be unsettled by these trials. Paul wanted them and us to understand that trials are all part of this journey with Christ. Too many enter into Christianity believing they were promised a rose garden and when trials and suffering come along – they cry foul! The trials these brethren were facing came primarily because of their stand for Jesus. Their confession of faith caused them both social and economic problems. Yet the Christian walk demands that we stand for Jesus no matter the suffering and trials that it brings!


  • Carol

    Psalm 119:143. Trouble and anguish have found me out but your commandments are my delight .

    I am yours Lord , teach me your ways everyday, in service to you and others Praise You Lord Jesus

  • Jerry

    Verse 9 is a terrific reminder — how often do we thank God for the brethren who bring us joy through shared fellowship & service? I know that I need to increase my prayers of thanks!

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