10/14/2018 — Matthew Chapter 13 & Luke Chapter 8

Maybe (well, probably) because Liz and I have been blessed with three daughters and two granddaughters I cannot read the story of the healing of Jairus daughter in Luke 8:40-56 without actually becoming personally immersed in the emotion of this miracle.

As we discussed yesterday, like Jairus, I would certainly pray shamelessly for the healing of any of the girls & unabashedly rejoice at their healing.

In his song “Got to Tell Somebody” Christian songwriter Don Francisco puts these emotions into lyrics of poetry:

She kept on getting weaker
As day dragged into day
The doctors gave no hope for her
She seemed to fade away
My hours were filled with constant dread
Time became a knife
Slowly and relentlessly
Cut the cord of life

There was a Teacher in the region then
Some of us had heard
He’d healed the paralytic
By the power of just His word
So if the hope became rekindled
I went at once to see
If I could find a man named Jesus
From a town called Galilee

I began to search the city
And soon I saw the crowd
They were pressing in to touch Him
And they called His name out loud
But with the strength of desperation
I pushed them all aside
I threw myself before Him
And from my knees I cried

Lord, come and heal my daughter
Even now she’s close to death
Her fever’s uncontrolable
She fights for every breath
But God’s given you the power
Life is yours to give
If You’ll just lay Your hands on her
I know that she will live, she will live, she will live

Well, He just began to walk with me
When a face I saw with fear
Came towards me with the news
I knew I didn’t wanna hear
And although I tried still myself
I trembled when he said
Don’t bother the teacher anymore
Your little girl is dead

And then Jesus touched my shoulder
And told me not to grieve
The trembling stopped when He looked at me
And said only believe
And then He sent the crowds away
Except His closest men
And they followed right behind us
As we started off again

We were still a long ways down the road
When I heard the sounds and cries
Of the mourners and musicians
As they strove to dramatize
My grief, they had no business with
Beneath their loud disguise
My wife just sat there silently
And stared through empty eyes

Then Jesus asked the mourners
Why is it that you weep?
She isn’t dead as you suppose
The child is just asleep
It only took a moment
For their wails to turn to jeers
Who does this Man think He is?
Get Him outta here
With authority I’ve never heard
In the lips of any man
He spoke and every sound rolled out
With a thunder of command
And in the sudden silence
They all hurried for the door
Wondering what the reasons were
They’d ever come there for

Then He called His three disciples
That were with Him on the way
He led them and my wife and me
To where our daughter lay
He took her by the hand
He told her, child arise
And the words were barely spoken
When she opened up her eyes

She rose and walked across the room
And stood there at our sides
My wife knelt down and held her close
And at last she really cried
Then Jesus told us both to see
Our daughter had some food
And as to how her life was saved
Not to speak a word, not to speak a word

He gave me life when my hope was dead  

when there was grief He brought joy instead 

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  • katehefty

    Thanks for sharing that song, Jerry. I watched it on YouTube and found it very moving. I have always been confused why Jesus often told people not to tell what he had done for them. One of the slides shown during the video stated that those who had been healed by Jesus were in danger of being killed in order to silence the witness of Jesus. If I had heard that before, it never sunk in. Of course he would tell the family to keep the source of her healing quiet so as not to endanger her life again. So he told some to tell because they needed to proclaim their faith, and others, like this child, just needed protection. He always knows what we need!

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