11/30/2018 — 1 Corinthians Chapters 5-8

In Chapters 7 and 8 we see Paul address questions from the Body in Corinth in what must be a “lost letter.”  And while Chapter 8 is about “food offered to idols” Coffman comments that Paul establishes four principles of Christian behavior among believers that still apply today:

(1) that what is permissible behavior for one man may, in certain circumstances, be dangerous and sinful in another

(2) that no Christian conduct should be evaluated solely from the standpoint of knowledge, but in the light of the love of brethren

(3) that no Christian has a right to practice anything, however innocent it may be to him, if in so doing he shall damage the faith of another; and

(4) that whatever is done, even to the weakest member of the body of Christ, is also done to Christ himself, and that weakening or destroying the faith of even the least and weakest of Christ’s members is a sin of the greatest magnitude against Christ himself.



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