1/14/2018 Job 38-39

All I can ever do when I read these verses is to just be filled with awe at the power and magnificence of the Lord.  Every verse is wonderfully crafted and inspirational.  I can envision Job just standing with his mouth open in silence and listening.  Of all of these verses one verse intrigues me – Job 38:33. “Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up God’s dominion over the earth?

As many of you know I am fascinated with science, both the study of very large (the cosmos) and the infinitesimally small (the atom.)   So, I realize that the answer to the Lord’s question now is the same as it was for Job.  “No, we do not know the laws of heaven.”

In fact reconciling the “physical laws of the heavens” with the “physical laws of the atom” is one of sciences greatest questions.  I do not think we should ever stop asking the question.  But when I am asked for a personal comment I return to Job 38:33 and know that the answer remains & will remain “No.”  God is God and we are not …


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