Revelations 9

In our reading we learn from Rev 9:20 that these seven trumpets of God’s judgment are not total judgments, or the final end of the world judgment, but are warning trumpets calling on the enemies of the saints to repent, which they refuse to do. These trumpets remind us of the plagues that God brought on Egypt, and I believe that is how we are supposed to view them. The oppressor is being punished – brought to his knees. As it was in the days of Moses, so it is in the days of the Revelation period. The ungodly is badly hurt, but as it turns out, not hurt sufficiently to turn him from his sins. The oppressors should have repented but they did not. They only hardened their hearts further and blasphemed. The focus of this text is on Rome, but God continues to send wake-up calls to mankind to get them to repent!


  • Jerry

    The images presented here are those of absolute terror: the Abyss, the locust described with stingers and teeth of lions, the angel named Destroyer, horses prepared for battle, battle horse in the number of 2 x 10,000 x 10,000, sulfur, smoke & fire, tails like snakes

    The Holy Spired inspired John to pen these words as a warning. And yet in John’s vision even after 1/3 of mankind is killed the remainder did not repent. How hardened the hearts of the people must have become!!

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