12/19/2018 — the book of Titus

As I read this book I was, again, looking at some notes in the margins.  The notes (most likely from Artie) said that Paul give Titus 3 tasks:

(1)  Develop Leadership                                                            (Chapter 1)

(2)  Teach the Body how to live and “do what is good.”    (Chapter 2)

(3)  Teach why living that way is important                        (Chapter 3)

And there have been no changes to these tasks for the Body today.   A question — how are you contributing?

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  • missliz

    The Christian life begins with the work of God. He saves us, washes us, makes us his child. But he expects us to change, not a whitewashed version of our old self but a new creature as we follow the lead of the Spirit.

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