1/3/2018 Genesis Chapters 8-11

We are blessed to live in the new covenant and, as long as we remain faithful, the promise of an eternal life in the presence of the Lord — all bought by the sacrifice of His Son.  And whenever I see a rainbow I lose a breath not just for the beauty of the colors and the symmetry but because while I am viewing the rainbow the Lord is “remembering the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth” (Chapter 9:16) — the covenant “Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.”  And to the Lord “never” means “forever.”  If he remembers His covenants so should I.

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I would like to share another thought based on sections from Chapters 10 and 11 — the “genealogy sections.”  Face it – most of us read through these very quickly.  But when you look at the time line and ages of the patriarchs have you ever reflected on the thought that many of their life spans overlapped?  In fact Noah lived concurrent with Abram for 58 years.  We have no scriptural reference that they lived in the same town but can you imagine what the discussions around the dinner table could have been?  My point – every Word in scripture (even the ones that may appear boring) is God-inspired and is part of a message for us.



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  • missliz

    I think it is interesting who God chooses to bless and at the same time understanding who God chooses to punish and why. As we see the different people scatter we also observe them walking away from God to their peril. They paid a great price as do we!

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