1/4/2018 Job Chapters 1-5

So, if you are like me you are asking — why are we going from Noah’s life in Genesis all the way to Job?  They are separated by at least 15 other books and what about Abraham and his family?  Well, one of the realities of reading scripture chronologically is that this is just the first time we will “jump” from one book to another as scholars strive to place the events in their historical order.  While there is no direct scriptural statement, many scholars feel there is enough evidence to support the events in Job occurring after the Flood but before  the arrival of Abraham.

Most of us are familiar with the theme behind the book of Job but let’s take a look at one point of fact.  As we read we will see Job’s “friends” present various reasons for Job’s suffering.  We often highlight the bad “advice” that Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar provided.  But reflect upon a very good things they did  — when their friend was hurting they came to him.  They even sat on the ground with him for “seven days and seven nights.”  When we see a friend in need do we travel to them, sit with them, and be quiet in their presence just to let them know we are there?  Silence may actually be the best advice we can bring, but we should be there for them.





  • Artie Shaffer

    The book of Job always reminds me that the “whys” of life are never ever really answered, so I have to trust God and keep moving forward. The good thing is that our Heavenly Father understands our struggles in the process as we move back to centering on Him. This progression is something you see a great deal in the Psalms – a struggle to make sense of it all and as the Psalm draws to a close a declaration of trust.

  • katehefty

    I will have lived my life well if, when I die to this life, my obituary refers to me as a “woman of perfect integrity, who feared God and turned away from evil.”

  • missliz

    There are many lessons in Job that can be applied today. Just like Artie, I struggle with trying to understand the “why” of life starting with the death of my dad when I was 11. Of this I am sure, Job directed his praise to God but he also directed his sorrow filled laments to the Father knowing God would hear both. Either way, Job was still talking to his Father. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I can do. Be quiet, keep walking and tell the Father everything.

    The opening of Job makes me ponder about the arrangement in heaven. It sounds like God has a council not that he needs a council in any way because of his superiority to every thing and being. Could it be that it gives God pleasure to exist in community? Is this one of his reasons for creating us in his image? Just wondering….

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