2/11/2018 — Exodus Chapters 36-38

The description of the building of the tabernacle and all of the implements for worshiping the Lord is quite detailed, as are the talents and skills of the people leading the project.  Reading back in other chapters we see that the contributions of the people were “free will” offerings i.e., everyone who is willing and whose heart moved them” gave.

So, how much did they give? Chapter 38:24-25 tells us that the gold was “29 talents and 730 shekels” and that the silver was “100 talents and 1, 755 shekels.”  Using our measurements this is roughly 1 ton (2000 pounds, or 32,000 ounces) of gold and  3.75 tons (7,500 pounds or  120,000 ounces) of silver.

So, if we ever thought that the tabernacle and its contents were just a “big tent” in today’s dollars this relates to 42 million 720 thousand dollars of gold and 2 million 12 thousand dollars of silver.  And this does not include the cost of the wood and fabric and the number of “person-hours” needed for the construction.

I reflect … the Israelites gave freely and constructed this magnificent structure for the dwelling of the Lord

— and yet, today through the New Covenant and His grace he “lives within my heart.”

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