2/13/2018 — Leviticus Chapters 1-4

As we prepare to enter the inspired Word of God as written by Moses and recorded in the book of Leviticus, a couple of quick notes:

“The book of Leviticus was the first book studied by a Jewish child; yet is often among the last books of the Bible to be studied by a Christian.” (F. Duane Lindsey)

Chuck Swindoll also writes:  The overall message of Leviticus is sanctification. The book communicates that receiving God’s forgiveness and acceptance should be followed by holy living and spiritual growth. Now that Israel had been redeemed by God, they were to be purified into a people worthy of their God.  In Leviticus we learn that God loves to be approached, but we must do so on His terms.

I share these thoughts because I, personally, have found reading Leviticus to be challenging.  But as Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 “All scripture is breathed out by God …)  And it is our responsibility to read all scripture!

So, what do I see in these first four chapters? — that all offerings brought to the Lord by the Nation were to be “without defect and the finest.    The analogy to us is evident: all that we bring to the Lord — whether it be our service to a fellow believer, our monetary contributions, our support during a worship service must be the very best we can provide.



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  • missliz

    One commentary suggested that the book of Leviticus contained more actual words of God than any other book in the Bible. Perhaps that is why it is the first book read by Jewish children. Leviticus tells me how seriously God takes sin and ignorance is no excuse. The higher the position within the community, the greater the sacrifice required for sin.

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