2/23/2018 Numbers Chapter 1-2

The following overview of the Book of Numbers is taken from Matthew Henry’s commentary:  This book is called NUMBERS from the several numberings of the people contained in it. It extends from the giving of the law at Sinai, till their arrival in the plains of Jordan. An account is given of their murmuring and unbelief, for which they were sentenced to wander in the wilderness nearly forty years; also some laws, both, moral and ceremonial. Their trials greatly tended to distinguish the wicked and hypocrites from the faithful and true servants of God, who served him with a pure heart.

As you read remember that is only the men of “military age” counted at this point.  So while the final “tally” of 603,550 (not including the Levites) is impressive just think of how many people were actually led my Moses and guarded, fed, organized by God.

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