2/24/2014 — Numbers Chapters 3-4

In Chapter 3:5 Moses is instructed by the Lord to Bring the tribe of Levi and “present them “to Aaron the priest to assist him. One commentary wrote: The Hebrew word “bring near” is a sacrificial term, denoting the presentation of an offering to God; and the use of the word, therefore, in connection with the Levites, signifies that they were devoted as an offering to the sanctuary, no longer to be employed in any common offices. 

Then continuing in Chapters 3 & 4 we see the designation of duties for the Levites.  They were “set apart” by God from the rest of the tribes to do His well.

I am reminded that the Greek word for church is ekklesia, literally that we are also “called out” of or set apart from the world. 

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  • missliz

    The beginning of Numbers reminds me that God is the center of our Christian Kingdom both physically and spiritually. He directs and protects. We focus our attention toward him, each of us having a specific task to carry out.

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