2/26/2018 – Numbers Chapter 7

A couple of facts about these verses:  First, we see in verse 1 that the construction and consecration of the Tabernacle is completed — what a time that must have been for the Israelites!

Then, we begin to see the offerings brought for the dedication of the alter.  I have always found it interesting that verses 18-83 show that each leader brought the same items for their respective offering.  The chapter certainly would  be shorter if the Holy Spirit had guided Moses to summarize these in a single paragraph.

I think Coffman captures the reason for all of this repetition when he writes:   One may wonder why God so elaborately repeated the enumerations of all these gifts, and the answer appears to be that God always reckons good works upon the basis of what each individual did, rather than reckoning upon a collective, or community basis. In Jesus’ parable of the talents, it will be recalled that the reckoning involved each one. Jesus did not say, “Well, you fellows have done pretty good; I gave you eight and you produced seven more!.” No, he called unto him each one. It is not merely what a church or congregation is doing, but what each one is doing, that counts with God.

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