2/6/2018 Exodus Chapters 22-24

In Chapter 22 we begin to see the Lord’s detailed instructions for His people.  We will see these instruction embedded in the rest of the chapters of Exodus & continue into Leviticus.

But in addition to the instructions we see the Lord continue to unfold His Story for His people.  In Chapter 23:20-26 we see the Lord sending His angel to “guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.”

So, as we read my recommendation is to read all of the details of the Lord’s instructions but to never get so involved into the minutia that we miss the greater theme — the Lord will always care for His people.


  • Carol

    In chapter 16-18. I meant chapter 18 not 16. About Jethro change of heart and saw There is only 1 God. The question I have is
    How God accepted his offerings instead of burning them in a negative way as he wasn’t a Jew or circumcised . Why? Did he go back to his people and did he tell them that there is only 1 God.
    Does anyone know. From other readings?

  • missliz

    One commentary suggested the men were looking up through the sapphire platform and observing the Shechinah glory. Later, Moses traveled further up the mountain in the very presence of God. Awe inspiring to share a peace offering with the LORD. Is that what we do every first day of the week?

  • Jerry

    Kate — great question as it can appear that scripture is, perhaps, contradicting itself. As usual, I turn first to Coffman. He addresses the question, as follows:

    “Deuteronomy 4:15 states categorically that the seventy and others on the mountain did not actually see any “form” whatever; thus what they did see was a special display of God’s glory. Significantly, the things mentioned as being seen by them included that remarkable sapphire pavement, described also as “clear,” reminding us of the “crystal sea” that lay beneath the throne of God, as described in Revelation 4.”

    Note: (if you read Deut 4:15 we have to keep in mind that Mt. Horeb is another name for Mt. Sinai)

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