2 Peter 2

In our reading Peter reminds them and us that the truth and the church is always under attack, both from the outside world and in the fellowship! We see in these latter letters the call for those leading in the body of Christ to stand their ground and protect the body from these attacks. In our reading Peter warns that we must always be vigilant against false teachers. Peter also warns of the influence of those in the body that continue to walk in darkness yet claim to be children of light. The danger of both is very real to the body of Christ, for as Peter reminds us, our brothers and sisters can be seduce back into the world and lose their salvation!

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  • Jerry

    As I read the passages I see several traits of these false teachers. In v. 1 they will “secretly” introduce their teachings (perhaps making a half-truth look real?). In vs. 2 they will be followed by “many.” In v 13 they may be accepted into fellowship. In v. 17 they bring nothing to the Body (springs without water.) In v. 18 they “entice” believers.

    But there are multiple passages that refer to the punishment they will receive, and in v. 9 we are assured that God will “rescue the godly.”

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