2 Peter 3

Peter declares in our reading that we have been forewarned! For there will be a day when all of sudden our Lord will appear and everything will change! For those who have been faithfully walking in the Light – this will be a day of great joy, but for those who continue to walk in darkness, this will be a day of terror! It is so easy to be caught up in life and become complacent, but we have been forewarned and we need to remind ourselves of the coming reality!
“Thus Jesus taught, and Peter here reaffirms, that his coming will be as unexpected as the coming of a thief at night. Christ’s unexpected though predicted coming will bring the destruction of the present creation. The heavens likely refer to the galaxies and solar systems beyond the earth’s. The elements could refer to the earth’s solar system, or the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, or to the atomic particles which are the basic structure of nature. The earth describes the planet we inhabit. All of these things will disappear, be destroyed by fire, laid bare, and melt in the heat (cf. v. 13). All of these expressions are meant to emphasize that God’s final judgment will be total and complete— nothing will escape.” (Holman New Testament Commentary)


  • missliz

    It is a great comfort to know that we serve a God whose power is without measure. He has gifted us his spirit and assured us we do not have to be a slave to anything that is not pleasing to Him. It does take our participation in seeking that relationship and using all the tools he has provided. Thank you, Father!

  • Jerry

    I sometimes become a bit perplexed at the awesome power of God & how His “timetable” can be explained. In these passages verse 8 helps me understand at least a “tad” better.

    God is not constrained by concept of “time.” There is no “past, present, or future. To God everything just “Is” …

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