3/1/2018 — Numbers Chapters 14-15 and Psalm 90

If you are like me you are probably asking “Why is Psalm 90 included here?”  The Psalm is placed among Chapters 14-15 which describe Israelite again rebelling and the Lord telling them that only Caleb and Joshua will enter the “land I promised on oath to their ancestors.”  As for the rest — “your bodies will fall ...”

In his commentary on Psalm 90 Matthew Henry writes It is supposed that this psalm was penned upon occasion of the sentence passed upon Israel in the wilderness for their unbelief, murmuring, and rebellion, that their carcasses should fall in the wilderness, that they should be wasted away by a series of miseries for thirty-eight years together, and that none of them that were then of age should enter Canaan.

I find it reassuring that even during the times of intense stress & “bad news” for the people surrounding him Moses was able to so beautifully praise the Lord.

As a note — we will see the developer of our chronological reading plan align more of the Psalms to time they were thought to have been written.  I find that this gives me a greater perspective on the true meaning of the Psalm.


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  • katehefty

    I am taken aback by God’s response to the “negative report” the ten spies gave the people about the land that God had promised them. Numbers 14:36-37 says that God struck them down. Their sin was in not trusting God – not murder, stealing – what we typically think of as sin. I wonder how many times in my life I might have had the same negative perspective about something God has promised me. I am thankful he gives me each new day to cultivate a positive, trusting perspective.

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