3/2/2018 — Numbers 16-17

As I read these chapters I was taken that what a movie scene this would make and all of the special effects that could be used!   From a spiritual perspective there are certainly lessons for us in the events here.

When you read the very first verse you have a brief genealogy of Korah, one of the leaders of the rebellion.  “… son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi …”

As we know, this family line, the Levites, is the lineage of those chosen to specifically attend to the tabernacle of the Lord & to minister to the community (v. 9.)  And, yet, we see Korah leading the rebellion against Moses and God’s plan for the nation.  We also see the results of this rebellion, being swallowed by the earth.

The message to me is that no matter our ancestors’ beliefs & faith, we do not “inherit” our salvation. We are each responsible for our own decisions and where we will spend eternity.

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