8/5/2018 — 2 Kings Chapters 22-23 & 2 Chronicles 34-35

After reading of all of the evil kings of Israel and Judah (particularly Manasseh) I find these chapters to be uplifting (until Josiah’s death.)  Particularly uplifting was the way that Josiah responded to the finding of the Book of the Law (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) and the renewal of the Passover.

I find it a bit incredulous that the Chosen People of God had not just refused to read and follow His word — they had actually lost the Book!  And we see where this helped lead the nation to downfall.

My thought — in how many homes today is the Bible collecting dust & only “pulled out” during a time of need?  Our mission — to read daily and to celebrate that we are blessed to have the entire inspired Word of God & the freedom to possess and freely read its pages.



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