A reflection to consider

“People go through life trying to find the doors of security, significance, and satisfaction, but they never do. Be honest with yourself. Are you secure in who you are, what you have, where you are going? Do you feel significant? Are you giving your life to things that matter and make a difference? Are you satisfied? Is there a settled peace in your heart when you go to bed and rise in the morning? If you are honest and transparent enough to respond no, here are four words Jesus said that you need to hear: “I am the door” (John 10: 9).”
52 Weeks with Jesus


  • Carol

    Thank you Artie on Consider this!!!
    The questions you post. At first I felt I could be OK. But as I pondered these questions
    1. am secure in who’I am No because I want to be more like Jesus and learn from him
    2. I have nothing without him
    3. I am letting Jesus lead me in Celebrate Recovery but I fall short but I am learning and want to do his will
    And the rest of the questions I am working on. Last Jesus is the door open to us all. I have stepped thru it with his grace,love. Forgiveness and his continued help. Praise you Jesus

  • missliz

    I have not always been so but I find if I can keep my eyes focused on Jesus I remain satisfied. It is only when I glance at the world that my contentment fades and I feel I have accomplished little in my life. I find this especially true living in the DC area where most, men and women, are “accomplished” in worldly standards. All the more reason to remain in the Word and train my eyes to look up.

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