A reflection to consider

[Jesus said,] “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it” (John 11: 4 NIV). “Sometimes life is hard. We know God is always at work in us, but our circumstances often leave us scratching our heads. What is God up to with this awful situation? Why me, God? Not now, Lord… maybe later. Mary and Martha no doubt asked those questions when their brother, Lazarus, died. After all, death is the ultimate adverse circumstance… or is it? In the story of Lazarus, we find that even in death God has the final say. God’s glory will be revealed in the death of every believer in Christ. Until then, can we trust him with our present life? Can we allow him to glorify himself today… and tomorrow… and the next day—until our final day when we enter into the glory of heaven?”
(52 Weeks with Jesus)


  • missliz

    I think a lot about trials in this life. Are they directly from God as a refinement of spirit or a trial to produce some positive outcome or are they a consequence of our living in a broken world? I have come to the conclusion they could be either and perhaps we will never know for sure the reason. Regardless of the cause, I am sure that God can use the trail for our good if we allow Him to work through the situation even through death. God’s love and gracious goodness exists outside the circumstance. Whether the trial is there or not, His love exists for me always. He’s crazy about me!!!

  • Jerry

    I agree with Liz and will offer one other factor- sometimes we suffer when we are the known casual agent. For example we suffer because we violate an established law of nature/physics such as pain caused from injury when we take a curve in a car too fast. In the same vein we suffer and cause others to suffer when we violate a moral law.

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