A reflection to consider

“Jesus substantiated his claim to be the Son of God by performing the miraculous. Diseases were healed, the blind were given sight, even the dead were raised. It would have taken a first-century onlooker with a very hard and unbelieving heart to deny the source of Jesus’s miracles. That’s true today too. Skeptics discount the divinity of Christ. They laugh at the notion that he was resurrected from the dead. As for the miracles Jesus performed, they were either cases of mass hysteria, lies, or sleight of hand. They were anything but proof of Immanuel, which means “God with us” (Matthew 1: 23). The notion that miracles occur is dangerous for skeptics because miracles change everything. If they are real—and they are—then the skeptic has no recourse but to bow his knee. We who believe are also changed by miracles. First, by the miracle of God visiting this earth in the person of Christ. Then, by the miracle of his death—the innocent paying for the guilty. And then, by the resurrection, of which Paul said we are of people most miserable if there is no resurrection. All three of these particular miracles—apart from the many Christ did while walking this earth—have extreme relevance for each of us. The new birth—the most divine miracle for any human being—is the most astonishing miracle to come from the miracle of Christ himself. Our daily walk with God is our ongoing miracle to enjoy on our way to the grandest miracle—the miracle of eternity with God. The entirety of who we are as Christians rests on the miraculous. We must, therefore, never doubt the power of our miracle-performing God.”
(52 Weeks with Jesus)

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