Acts 11

This chapter reminds me of my hero – Barnabas. It was Barnabas that sold his property to help the poor saints in Jerusalem. It was Barnabas that befriend Saul (Paul) when no was convinced that he had been converted. In this chapter when a mixed congregation of Jews and Gentiles spring up in Antioch it was Barnabas the apostles sent to help guide this congregation as these two cultures merged as brethren. And it was Barnabas that went to Tarsus to find Saul (Paul) to work with him in Antioch, for Barnabas realized that Saul was the perfect man to help with this situation. It also allowed Saul to grow and gain confidence as a leader among God’s people, one of the reasons that Paul became the leader that he did was the belief and investment Barnabas made in Paul! I wanted to name our first son Barnabas – but that got shot down, oh well. What did you see in this chapter?


  • Carol

    What spoke to me was in Verse 15 when the Holy Spirit came down on Cornelius house before being baptized and Peter remember and said:
    John the Baptist baptized with water but Jesus baptized with the H. S. And Peter reasoning saying if God gave them the same gift like at Pentecost Who was he to stand in God way! So in Celebrate Recovery as we are participating in. I pray and know that God will do the same when they repent be baptized and will receive the H S
    Of his grace, H S of his Joy, H S of praise Prepare these hearts of these men and women
    And as they Pray

  • Carol

    So help me Lord to have faith like Peter and Barnabus and do your will. Humble me. Remove any pride in me and I pray for my own household like Cornelius and our church

  • Jerry

    Artie and Carol – thanks for sharing! In my mind we often overlook where all of the places were located and the effort it took to travel there. For example Antioch was roughly 300 miles from Jerusalem. It could have take 15 days to travel between the cities. So, Barnabus, Paul and the others had to have great desire to make the journey to spread the Gospel and encourage the Believers.

  • missliz

    I too love the accounts of Barnabas the encourager!! What an amazing friend to have in life.

    This exchange concerning Peter also speaks to how difficult it is for all of us to rid ourselves of prejudices of all kinds. We can know it is wrong in our heads but because of many different reasons we have a more difficult time cleansing our hearts.

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