Acts 15

After the decision was delivered to Antioch Paul and Barnabas continued their very fruitful work there. After a period of time Paul and Barnabas felt it was time to revisit those churches they had established on their first missionary journey. Barnabas wanted to take John Mark but Paul did not want to take him along because he had deserted them in Pamphylia. We not told why John Mark left – just that he leftand returned to Jerusalem. It would seem that John Mark rejoined Pauland Barnabas and returned with them after the council in Jerusalem. So heated was this dispute between Paul and Barnabas that they parted ways! Keep in mind the text does not say that they hated each other – just that two leaders in the church had two different opinions about how they should proceed with their ministries! In my own ministry there was a time when I disagreed with a partner in the ministry and we needed to part ways as we continued to serve the Lord, we still loved each other – we just had different opinions on how the ministry should be conducted. Who do you think was right – Paul or Barnabas? What is interesting is that Barnabas’ investment in John Mark, despite is failure, paid off in his spiritual development!

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  • missliz

    As I mentioned earlier, God knows every heart and each life is directed by His Spirit. We must love each other and allow each other to grow and serve in the direction God leads. Neither Paul or Barnabas was right and the gospel was advanced because of the parting of ways. Always remembering God’s word is final we must give each other grace, grace, grace….

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