Acts 16

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.” Here Paul and Silas had been striped, beaten, and then they were placed in stocks deep within the prison. They were most likely in total darkness with backs bleeding knowing they did not deserve what they were going through! They could have chose to be angry with God, for they were serving Him and yet He allowed them to be treated this way. Yet, they chose not to become angry and bitter but to worship! For when one chooses not to center on themselves but on God’s purposes and glory, they entrust their fate to God and glorify His name. I suggest what Paul and Silas chose to do in that prison was a very powerful witness of the true transforming power of the gospel they proclaimed.


  • Jerry

    Artie – I agree that this their praise & worship must have been a terrific witness. If not, why did the “other prisoners” (v. 25) flee the prison when the doors were flung opened & their chains fell-off? Their staying with Paul & Silas prevented the suicide of the jail or and led to his salvation!

  • missliz

    I’m always reminded there are no promises of health, security or fairness of any kind in this world. I am sure of who walks in front of me and behind me, a powerful Father without measure who is never indifferent to what is happening to me. Whenever I hear the voice that suggests I have a right to be angry, disappointed, and I do hear it on occasion, I know it is not of the Father but of the father of lies. I have on occasion had to say, ” In the name of Jesus Christ, get behind me, Satan.” He would like nothing better than to make us feel defeated.

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