Acts 2

“It is time, it is time, the The Spirit has now been poured out and it is time!” Peter did not say those words exactly, but that is what he was declaring. Peter declared what took place that day was a fulfillment of Joel 2:28-32, the kingdom had arrived with power, a new era had begun, these were the last days! All through the O.T. the mark of this new and wonderful era for Isreal was the giving of the Holy Spirt to God’s people. Everything from this point forward will be different for those who accept the message and obey the gospel, who repent and are baptized for the forgiveness of their sins in the name of Jesus Christ! Happy New Era! Thank God we are now free at last!


  • Jerry

    What strikes me during this reading of this passage goes back to a comment Liz made on Mark 14 regarding the “crowds.” In Mark the crowds joined in with the leaders and shouted for the crucifixion of Jesus. Yet, in this passage from Acts we see them joining in the recognition of who Jesus is & many becoming believers.

    When Peter declares him “Lord and Messiah” & condemns the people for his cricifixion his words would have been blasphemy. Yet he was not interrupted by the “leaders” (& you would think that some were among the greater than 3000 people there.) Perhaps the arrival,of the Holy Spirit had them awestruck …

  • missliz

    In response to yesterday’s pondering , that AHA moment, my answer continues into today’s reading. I am in awe when I think about the gift of the Holy Spirit and what that gift offers in my life. This powerful LIVING BEING who works and moves in my life as well as in all creation, who has personality, who can be grieved, who stands before the Father on my behalf. God gave him to me to help me walk in this world. What a gift!! I am not alone.

  • Carol

    As I read this chapter and especially to come to him
    And Repent for my sins thru Jesus and be baptized
    (What a gift he gives us) As God has been telling us in the old testament as well Jesus in today reading and continuing on. I filled up with tears and could cry of the feeling how grateful I am for all he has done for me (us) what a blessed Savior we have and the peace that passes all understanding praise you Jesus

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