Acts 22

The scene in our reading is worth noting, the very steps that Paul now stood as he made his defense – is the very spot Jesus stood on when He heard the crowd yell “crucify him!” They both had the same view of Jerusalem, they saw the same look in the face of their countrymen, and they heard the same angry voices that wanted them dead! There was a day when Paul was in the crowd and he was among the angry voices, how things have changed in some amazing ways! See it is this scene and this change in this man Paul, which stands as a witness of a risen Savior!


  • Jerry

    For years I have overlooked the fact that Paul referred, accurately, to the fact that the High Priest could have testified to the zeal that Paul had persecuted the church before his conversion. Just another example of how the Jewish leaders failed to accept the truth of The Story.

  • missliz

    I know that Paul understood his commission to the gentiles but he seems to be determined to try once again to convince his Jewish brothers to believe. As for the Jewish leadership, I believe their denial of Christ was a deliberate unwillingness to admit the truth. Too much at stake.

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