Acts 23

Our Lord told Paul that he would testify about Him in Rome as he did in Jerusalem. I wondered if Paul had any idea how that was going to take place? Here he was in Jerusalem in chains and there were men that hated him so much that they vowed to kill him! How does one go from being a prisoner in what was known as the arm pit of the Empire to standing in courts of Rome testifying about Jesus? As we see God work out His plans in the chapters to come it reminds me that often when I face the task of doing God’s will and yet how it will all work out seems so unclear – I need to trust the Lord and just keep doing His will. My journey with the Lord has taught me over and over again don’t worry about the how – just be His person in the present and when it is all said and done you will look back be surprised at the journey you have taken. A journey you most likely would have never been able to plan or foreseen!

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  • Jerry

    Again, what I find compelling in these passages is God’s timing. Had not the Roman Empire and their laws been in effect Paul could have been killed by the crowds. Instead, we see him saved &, later, will be given the opportunity to spread the Word of God to even the highest levels of Roman officials. But as Artie writes I am sure that this is a mystery to Paul at this time …

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