Acts 25

Festus was sent by Nero to succeed Felix as procurator of Judaea, probably in the autumn  A.D. 60. Paul was summoned before Festus and asked whether he was willing to go to Jerusalem; but the apostle, knowing full well the danger that lurked in this proposal and conscious of the rights he possessed as a Roman citizen, refused to accede and replied boldly to Festus, concluding with, “I appeal to Caesar.” As a citizen of Rome Paul had that right and Festus granted Paul his request. Festus after a procuratorship of less than two years died in the summer of  A.D. 62. Just think if Felix was was still procurator Paul might have sat in the prison until his death. Festus was a piece of the puzzle that needed to be in place so that Paul would have the opportunity to proclaim the gospel in the courts of Rome before the Emperor.

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