Acts 27

This chapter is an amazing chapter for many reasons! The detail of this journey makes you feel like you are on the ship. Here the fourth “we” section of Acts appears, indicating Luke accompanied Paul across the Mediterranean and could, therefore, give us an eyewitness report. The expedition was under the command of Centurion Julius of the Imperial Regiment, a group particularly useful to Caesar in times of military intrigue. They were in this storm for two weeks! One or two days would have been hard, but two weeks, I can’t imagine the terror that must have flooded that ship! God made a promise to Paul that he would stand in the courts of Rome but the path that took him there was not easy, each day required him placing his faith in the hands of the Lord. For even in the middle of a two week storm our Lord was still working His plan!

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  • Jerry

    Like Chapters 25 & 26 Chapter 27 reminds me of how God can use all peoples and all nations to further His will. Had it been Paul’s “own people” (the Jewish Leaders) in charge of Paul’s transport vs. Julius (the Roman) Paul may not have survived the trip and the shipwreck.

    I was also taken by either Paul’s leadership ability and/or the working of the Holy Spirit in that the other 275 people on the ship followed Paul’s direction, including the experienced crew of the ship.

    A final experienced traveler note — since Luke was not a prisoner did he pay for his ticket and receive better accommodations?

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