Acts 28

When Paul arrived in Rome he wanted to meet with the Jewish leaders to explain why he was charged and sent to Rome to face the Emperor. The leaders had not heard from Jerusalem about Paul, but they had heard about this sect called Christianity and they wanted to know more. As Paul had done so many times before he used the O.T. to prove Jesus was the messiah. Some saw what Paul was sharing with them but most could not see it! Paul then quotes Isaiah 6:9-10 – where the prophet talks of the closed hearts of God’s peopleand how their closed hearts would cause them to miss the spiritual healing the messiah would bring. So Paul then turns his attention to the Gentiles – because they had open hearts and would listen! This is a very important principle when it comes to sharing our faith. Often our efforts to share our faith begin with those in our world we are most concerned about (family and friends) and the sad reality is we often don’t receive a warm reception to our efforts. So what should we do? We can choose to continue sharing with those who have rejected the message or we can look around in our world for those who would listen. I have found that many times we are fixed on one or two people and we ignore the rest of our world. When you try to share your faith and you encounter a closed heart as Paul did, look around there could be someone in your world who is open and is waiting to hear that wonderful message of hope!!! 

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  • missliz

    So many times in my life I have been guilty of judging whether a person is “worthy ” of hearing about Christ as if I can judge anyone’s heart. God was in charge of Paul’s journey, directing his movements and conversation. Sometimes Paul was successful and other times the message did fall on deaf ears. Paul broadcast the message of Christ where ever he went . If people were receptive he stayed on and taught, if not, he moved on. I want to learn better how to broadcast seed.

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