Acts 5

Some amazing thing were going on in Jerusalem! You get the feeling that the church was now a growing force in the city. The text records that the apostles were performing some amazing miracles – just think the very shadow of Peter would heal people! Yet, it also very interesting that the text only records the apostles doing these miracles, which was the case since chapter two. So, everyone who was baptized was promised the gift of the Holy Spirit but only the apostles could do miracles, interesting.

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  • Jerry

    A very interesting point — could it be related to the concept that the purpose of a miracle is not the miracle itself but to demonstrate the Power of God & to spread the gospel? Since all “new” believers may not yet have been taught the full message would they have been considered “qualified” to do the work of the apostles? After all when Matthias was selected to replace Judah criteria were set for who would qualify as an apostle.

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