Acts 6

I think that it is telling that the qualification for taking on the task of feeding the widows was not leadership skills but their spiritual character. Keep in mind, this was most likely no small task in a congregation around 20,000 in size, which is the estimated size of the Lord’s church at this time. The apostles wanted men who were lead by the Spirit and trusted in God! There are times I am afraid that the church looks for leaders with worldly skills of leadership and not men who are full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. As a side bar – this is the first time in our readings when someone besides the apostles displayed the ability to perform miraculous signs.


  • Jerry

    Thanks, Artie! Two items caught my attention this time — first, in v.7 we see that a large number of the religious “establishment” is finally starting to recognize Jesus for who He is. Secondly, the opposition to Stephen appears to start with Jews who came from outside of Jerusalem, the seat of religious power.

  • missliz

    My question is how do we explain the casting out of demons performed by those who were not apostles in Mark 9:38 – 40 ? My only explanation is that God is Sovereign Lord and will work His will in the way He best sees it accomplished. To me, any other explanation diminishes His power and makes Him measurable.
    We have His word going forward but I have to remind myself that we are still a part of His ongoing story. God will accomplish His will as He sees fit.

    I do agree that we often look at societal attributes and wisdom when choosing church leadership. A Spirit lead life and God’s wisdom trumps any worldly attribute.

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